Sabeth Huppaye Showroom

The showroom is located in a small rural Walloon village among rolling pastoral landscapes. For orders and customisation, it is recommended to come to this showroom for optimal service. There is free parking in front of the door.

Rue d'Enines 33
1367 Huppaye (BE)

+31 477 63 06 06

By appointment only

Sabeth Leuven

The Sabeth boutique is located in the exclusive shopping district of the 'Mechelsestraat', the shopping-walking street in the historic heart of Leuven.

Wandelingstraat 4A
3000 Leuven (BE)

+32 477 63 06 06

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm

Sabeth By Ted

Sabeth By Ted is located outside Maastricht in nearby Heerlen.

Ruys de Beerenbroucklaan 1
6417CC Maastricht-Heerlen (NL)

+31 655 39 67 30

By appointment only