Sabeth X Isa B

On the weekend of February 11 & 12, 2023, Sabeth opened its doors to a collaboration with Isabelle Bilquin and her special jewelry, each with their own story.

"Color, proportion, composition and a clear sense of beauty are natural skills that Isa developed in her youth under the auspices of her father, the artist Jean Bilquin. Inspired by one of her favorite childhood hobbies, Isa studied goldsmithing at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and refined her jewelery knowledge, with an emphasis on antique beads. Numerous journeys, often on routes where pearls were traded in the distant past, brought Isa into contact with the fascinating world of pearls. The pearl necklaces that once adorned the necks of beautiful women adorned, seduced the eyes of restless men, and magically frightened off evil spirits, have become a collection. With love and care, Isa sorts each bead one by one. Like every human being, they have an intriguing blend of grace and imperfection. New strings are born , ready to be cherished again."

- Isabelle Bilquin -

Isabelle, together with her husband Karim Grusenmeyer and Damien Woliner , represents the Grusenmeyer-Woliner gallery at 17 Minimenstraat, Sablon in Brussels.

The exhibition featured some pieces from the collection of the Grusenmeyer-Woliner gallery , as well as some new works by the painter Herman Van den Broecke and ceramics by Peter De Cleyn .

Grusenmeyer-Woliner Gallery

Herman Van den Broecke

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