Forlorn Hope Fancy (1) (Testudo)
Sabeth Belgium

Forlorn Hope Fancy (1) (Testudo)

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Peter De Cleyn Forlorn Hope Fancy (1)

baked and smoked earth, terra sigilata, metal, wood

(55 x 22 x 20 cm)


"The 'Lost Hope Fantasie' as a title fits wonderfully with the discarded bridge that once proudly held the strings under the rosette of the lute so that they could be played. But these strings are hopelessly broken. The Forlorne Hope Fancye for lute by John Dowland breathes life back into it. This instrumental piece ( Fantasia, Fantaisie, Fancy) is by definition freely composed, without a fixed structure, the composer lets his inspiration flow. John Dowland (ca.1563 – ca.1626) is perhaps the most famous English Renaissance composer. He composed many ' lute songs', melancholic songs for voice, accompanied on lute. Tears flow freely, such as in: ' Flow my tears' or in 'I saw my Lady weepe '. His ' Lachrimae or Seaven Teares Figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans' for gamba consort and lute are based on ' Flow my tears ' and are still very popular today."