It is my passion and ambition to enrich the wardrobe of the self-confident woman by means of elegant, feminine lines and high standards of wearing comfort.

The excellent fit, combined with a special attention to detail, has given SABETH a remarkably timeless character since 1986. An extra plus is the exclusivity. All models are only produced in small volumes. SABETH’s success is partly due to the outspoken signature with a clear and consistent vision, which is also appreciated internationally. The designs are innovative and are presented in durable and rich materials (size 36 to 46).

On orders we only charge a surplus of 10 to 15 % (manufacturing costs,) depending on the waistline.

In addition to the prêt-à-porter collection, you will find icons that are reproduced in other colours and materials. The entirety is carefully complemented with accessories and shoes.

If you have a wedding or something else to celebrate, you can also come to SABETH for an original dress.

After an appointment, I will gladly make time for you. You can compose your own ensemble from the existing models and colours, from size 34 to 54 and larger, even intermediate sizes are possible (delivery time between 3 to 4 weeks).

Accessories can also be specially ordered to match your outfit and averse to everyday life.